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How do I use your Portfolio Tool?

Creating multiple resumes can be stressful. That's where iHire's Porfolio Tool can help. Our Porfolio Tool allows you to store all the information needed to create and save an unlimited number of custom resumes and cover letters, making your job search more efficient.

To build your Porfolio, sign into your account, and select "Resumes" at the top of the page. First, you'll see the option to add or edit your contact information, add a photo, and make your Portfolio searchable for employers.

Complete the various sections of your Porfolio by filling them in manually or by uploading your most recent resume. Our platform will build your Porfolio for you by parsing the information from that resume. However, you can always edit, delete, or add infommation by clicking the green "Add" buttons next to each section as needed. Similarly, you also create custom cover letters right from your Porfolio with our Cover Letter Generator.

Once your Portfolio is complete, you can build new resumes in minutes with our Resume Builder Tool.

For an overview of how to use our Porfolio Tool, check out the tutorial below.

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