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"iHire helped me find optional job openings near me. It saved me some time looking on the internet."

Joanna Y.

Harrisburg, PA
"The job search engine I used linked me to ihireHospitality. Due to a resume scoring tool , I was provided analysis of its contents and the personalized critiquing really helped me reinvent my resume. Shortly afterwards, I began receiving three times the offers I had been accustomed to and found the job I wanted that matched my skills perfectly. "

Jerome S.

Houston, TX
"Good advice on interviews and resumes"

Paul R.

Las Vegas, NV
"Putting my information on your site was the quickest and to the point. This is the first time I've done this in less than 10 minutes. No other site compares. Thanks."

Angelina H.

Philadelphia, PA
"Good website offering a wide variety of jobs."

Ruth M.

Williamstown, MA
"I am so happy I learned about iHire. I got many responses to my resume in days. I even got the job I wanted."

SashaGaye M.

"Unlike all the other sites that you pay for, this is the ultimate site that real people call you for employment. I have not yet been hired, but have received responses that help you to know that there is someone out there really reading your resume. Thank you iHire."

SashaGaye M.

"Thank you so much and I appreciate working with you on your site."

Corina L.

Kailua Kona, HI
"I love iHireHospitalityServices. I posted my resume on a Tuesday and I received two call backs within two days of me posting my resume!"

Antonia H.

"I applied online through your job seeker part of the website and found it very easy to register/apply for the positions which I most qualify for. The resume upload part was also very easy, which I am happy about because of the fact that I am still learning computers. Thank you very much."

Carl L.

Nampa, ID