Hiring manager writing "join our team" in marker rather than sending a follow-up letter of interest.

Follow up Letter of Interest Template

Sometimes, reaching out once just isn’t enough. Whether the perfect candidate you found is currently hard at work for another employer and the letter of interest was buried in their inbox or your email was mistakenly assigned to the spam folder, a follow up may solve the problem. Plug your information into this simple follow up letter of interest template to reach out to nonresponsive job seekers to set up an interview.

Hi [First Name],

We reached out to you a few days ago after reviewing your resume on www.iHire[Site Name].com. It is our opinion that you would be a great candidate for our open [Job Title] position. Please feel free to review the full job posting here [link to your ad or paste it below]. If you are interested in discussing the position further or would like to schedule a time to conduct a formal interview, please contact us at [Phone Number] or [Email Address]. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


[Company Name] HR Team

[Area for company info and logo]

By iHire | November 07, 2014