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31 Job Search Hacks [eBook]

Job Search Hacks eBook

The job search landscape has changed significantly in just a few short years. How can you keep up with the times and find work, quickly… before your competition? The good news is that plenty of little-known, yet easy-to-use, job search hacks can make your search easier every step along the way.

Discover valuable advice for job seekers in this free eBook, 31 Job Search Hacks: Tips and Tricks for Standing Out, Nailing Your Interview, and Landing Your Next Job. You’ll learn how to:

  • Research potential employers
  • Leverage social media for networking
  • Apply to jobs effectively
  • Add keywords to your resume
  • Tailor your resume for every position
  • Discuss and negotiate salary


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By iHire | September 27, 2021
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