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5 iHire Features to Help You With Your Career Change

Over the past several months, the job market has changed dramatically due to COVID-19 restrictions. Industries that were thriving – like hospitality, travel, and culinary – are now struggling to recover from major job losses. As a result, many people are considering making career changes and searching for jobs in other industries.

Changing careers and leaving what you know behind can be challenging and full of uncertainty. That’s why iHire offers a variety of features to give you guidance on how to change careers and provide the tools you need to transition successfully into your new job. If you’re looking for employment in another industry, check out these five helpful iHire features.


1. Career Explorer

Premium members on iHire can take advantage of the new Career Explorer tool that allows you to choose which career titles interest you and which transferable skills you’d like to utilize in a new role. Using advanced job matching technology, iHire’s platform will recommend job titles and additional iHire talent communities to guide you toward new opportunities.  

From the Career Explorer interface, you can click on recommended job titles to learn more about a particular career path – average salaries in your location, typical on-the-job activities, and levels of preparation, work experience, and education needed. You can even opt to receive email alerts for open positions in relevant alternative industries. Premium members can get started with Career Explorer here. (Not a Premium member? Visit the “Membership” section of your account to learn more.)


iHire Career Explorer Preferences page


2. Career Change Advice Toolkit

We’ve rounded up our top career change advice into an all-in-one toolkit. In this toolkit, you’ll find everything you need to learn how to change careers – from determining the best industry for you to writing the perfect resume. You can also explore topics like resume tips, networking, interviewing, and more in our extensive library of career advice.


3. Professional Resume Writers

If you’re changing careers, you may be wondering how to craft a resume that can compete with candidates who have years of industry experience. How can you demonstrate how your skills will apply to a new industry and why you’d be a great fit for the job?

Our professional, certified resume writers are trained on modern resume writing strategies and are ready to help when you need it. They’re experts on making sure your resume appeals to recruiters in your target industry so that you can land more interviews.


4. Salary Research Tool

To help you learn more about jobs in other industries as you navigate your career change, use iHire’s salary research tool. You’ll be able to see average hourly and annual salaries for specific career titles in your area and nationwide. That way, you’ll have a realistic expectation for compensation when applying to jobs in other industries. You can also leverage this worksheet to prepare for a salary negotiation.


iHire Salary Tool showing salary data for a Marketing Assistant position in Rockville, MD


5. Dedicated Career Advisors

Premium iHire candidates can schedule one-on-one phone calls with their dedicated Career Advisors. iHire Career Advisors are experts on job search tactics and today’s employment landscape, so they’re able to provide individualized guidance on how you can improve your job search to meet your career goals. When you’re working with your Career Advisor, they’ll be able to give you personalized career change advice based on your experience and the industry you’re interested in pursuing.


If you’re wondering how to change careers successfully or are looking for tools to find an opportunity in a new industry, iHire is here to help. Our career change advice articles, Career Explorer, salary tools, Career Advisors, and Resume Writers are all available to assist you as you make your exciting new journey.

By Sarah Ballow | October 05, 2020
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